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Copyright 2013 Bob for Layton Campaign.  All Rights Reserved.  Site Design by Larry R. Yurth. "I have run a fun and informative campaign.    I thank everyone for getting involved in  helping determine Laytonís bright future.   With your support and working smarter and harder for Layton, we will strive mightily to make that goal a reality.  Our combined quality of life is at stake, but itís bigger than one person, so please continue to make it a priority - contact me with your questions and concerns.   Iíll make myself available at your convenience, day or night, to have a thoughtful discussion on any topic."  Sincerely,   Bob Stevenson Layton City Mayor 2014-2017  Contact Information: Phone until Jan. 2014: 801.544.9080 Phone after Jan. 2014: 801.336.3800 Email: Committed to to the Community Dedicated to Progress